While we are extremely selective with our contact with press, No Hate has been reported on in several published articles for our more publicly visible activities.

This page is used to compile and track all the mentions of us we find in the news. Note that us linking an article here should not be considered endorsement of an article, journalist, or publisher (and indeed, there are some here we are not too fond of).

No Hate Marches in Seattle Pride Parade

On June 26th, 2022, Amazon workers in No Hate marched in the Seattle Pride parade. You can see our footage of the day here.

No Hate’s Die-In Protest at Amazon’s Pride Flag Ceremony

On June 1st, 2022, No Hate staged a die-in protest at Amazon’s 2022 Pride Month kickoff event. You can read the speech we made on that day here.

No Hate in Solidarity with Seattle Pride Parade

On April 7th, 2022, Seattle Pride published this statement of solidarity with No Hate, following their decision not to partner with Amazon for the 2022 Pride Parade.

No Hate’s First Press Attention

On March 25th, 2022, No Hate at Amazon has its first known mention in the press in this article from Business Insider.